Sky zone lash wash 50ml / 150ml
Due to its gentle and hypo-allergenic ingredients it is perfect to use at delicate skin around the eyes. It’s a high performance lash shampoo which can create long lasting foam. The silky and light foaming formula helps remove impurities from the bottom to the top of the lashes.
[Product Features]
Looking for a seriously pure and gentle lash shampoo? Look no further than Sky Zone Lash Wash. This is Natural Grade product without using SLS & SLES.
SLS & SLES are highly irritating to all mucous membranes and also corrodes hair follicles.
This lash shampoo won’t irritate your eyes because there are no alcohol-base ingredients & SLS, and yet effectively cleansing natural oil or make-up in the eyelash.
It foams well to prevent liquid running into eyes.
Highly recommend pretreatment or clean water to rinse the lash shampoo before extension.
EO - free Betaine - free
Paraben - free Pigment – free Alkylslfate – free Polyquaternium - free
[How to Use]
Add a few pumps of the lash shampoo on a small piece of cotton, then wipe your lashes. Rinse with water.

Skyzone Lash Wash 50ml