Glue booster is a multi-functioning product that will enhance your treatment.

Booster increases retention AND the speed of work.

Booster also prevents volume fans from closing (which is often caused by adhesive "travelling" up the lash fibre).

Due to its very high alkalinity, Booster helps to gently open the hair cuticles. This enables more glue to stick with the extension and the natural lash thus increasing retention.



Aim: To Increase Retention - - Apply the Booster with a micro brush on natural lashes, after cleanser and primer, for better retention.

Aim: To Increase Speed and Prevent Closing Fans – - Wipe a small amount of Booster over the base of the extensions on the strip to stop the adhesive from closing the fans.

Aim : To increase drying speed after fishing eyelash extension. - If you apply this on the joint of false eyelash and natural eyelashes after finishing eyelash extension procedure, you will see it can make glue on the joint dried faster. You can even swim right away after applying it.

Glue Booster 15ml