Flawless Lashes by Loreta 0.06 Volume Silk Lash Extensions are individual lashes in single length trays available in C, D & D+ curls. Although these lashes are very soft, they are strong and durable therefore perfect for Russian Volume.

They are pre-aligned in strips which makes them easy to peel during eyelash extension treatment.

Their size and weight are very close to the natural lash which makes them ideal for creating a natural, every day look with a glamorous effect.

Loreta's Tips : 

Used with the right lash extension adhesive, our 0.06 Volume Silk Lash Extensions guarantee you a great retention, glamorous look and many happy clients. 

Not sure how to make the best of your lash extension? Come and learn Loreta's best tips and techniques at our Academy.

0.06 Volume Silk Lash Extensions