Pink Creamy Eyelash Extensions Remover - Best Selling remover for eyelash extensions- designed to remove eyelash extensions safely and easily- the creamy texture keeps the remover out of the client's eyes- once applied, stays on the extension and does not leak into the eyes- bright pink colour helps to perfectly clean the remover as it's easy to see- perfect product for those clients who have sensitive eyes or allergies- long lasting - all you need is a small dab each time! How to use: Using a micro brush, apply a thin layer on the extension. Leave for 10-15mins and remove gently with cleansing brushes. Ensure all remover and traces of adhesive are fully removed before cleansing lashes with cleanser and primer.This product is:- Cruelty-free- Paraben-free- Gluten-free- Collagen-free- Guanine FreeMade in Korea  

Pink Cream Eyelash extension remover (15g)



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