A must have for all Lash Artists! 
-Remove all possible inhibitors from your clients lashes, ensure they are squeaky clean and perfectly prepped for a seamless bond. 
-Use before all Lash Applications to ensure the natural lashes are thoroughly clean & prepped for treatment Removes dirt, dead skin cells and skin oil on the natural lash. -Prepare the natural lashes for lash application.
-Supports the perfect glue adhesive . 
Improve retention.
-Suitable for all clients.
-Cost effective, with a shelf life of 1 year (unopened), 3 months (once opened) 
-How to use:Spray 2-4 pumps onto 2 microbrush wands and gently run across the base of the natural lashes where you will bond the glue and extensionThe shelf life of Lash primer:
Before opening: 12 months
After opening: 6 months
For Professional Use only .
Available in 3 types : Rose , Green Tea , Collagen

Lash primer ( Protein Remover ) 40ml



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